Facts About DMSO Side Effects

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DMSO is the short word for dimethyl sulfoxide. Although DMSO has been many times described as being toxic, its use in medicine is quite a common one. DMSO has been used in medicine since the 1963s. Nowadays, DMSO is being used as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substance. DMSO is known to have very good effects when it comes to skin related conditions. Brain damage is also treated with the use of DMSO based treatments, as it can help patients restore brain activity and overcome their problems.

Sill, the most important fact about DMSO is that the substance can be used for medical purposes without damaging skin in any way and it can be extremely easy to absorb. This is the main aspect that makes DMSO largely used in medicine. DMSO is also a very efficient treatment to be recommended for inflammatory conditions. DMSO based creams are in fact very popular from this point of view. They can be used on the skin with low risks of damaging it. The use DMSO cream is most of the times recommended when talking about herpes and also to heal bursitis and arthritis. DMSO may also be recommended in treatment schemes for muscular pain, tissue damage or intestinal cystitis. Anyway, DMSO cream is many times considered to be the most efficient treatment when it comes to curing the herpes virus. And individuals who use DMSO based cream are experiencing the best results.

Anyway, there are some DMSO side effects you need to be aware of. Years ago a huge controversy was created when a woman died because of the use of DMSO. The woman was under treatment with DMSO when the death occurred and although no autopsy to show the exact cause of death was made, it has been believed that DMSO use was the one to blame. DMSO side effects include numerous risks. This is the main reason why DMSO use is currently limited by law. Well, when it comes to the DMSO side effects, studies have shown that DMSO use can produce brain injury and brain degeneration. Irritation and itching at the skin level can also be included in the category of DMSO side effects. Excessive bleeding is another DMSO side effect.

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