DMSO Safety Matters

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DMSO stands for Dimethyl sulfoxide, and it was synthesised for the first time in 1866, by Alexander Zaytsev, a Russian scientist. DMSO is a natural substance, derived from wood pulp, and it is mostly used as a solvent. In the United States, DMSO has been used for more than 100 years now, but even though this substance can be very useful, people do not know how to handle it properly, so many accidents occur. It is thus important to learn about the safety measures that you need to take when handling DMSO, so you will avoid getting harmed.

First, you must remember that when working with DMSO, you must wear gloves at all times. There are some debates going on about the DMSO advisable gloves, because not all kinds of gloves are suited. While some people believe that thick rubber gloves are the most recommended, the truth is that surgical gloves are the only ones who offer an adequate protection, because they do not allow the DMSO to penetrate through them and attack your skin. Then, one of the most important safety warnings about DMSO is that pregnant women or women who may become pregnant should not use it. Women who are nursing should not handle DMSO, either. Another safety matter regarding DMSO is that under no circumstances you should let in come in contact with your eyes, nor any type of clothing or any other thing that may later come in contact with your skin.

It is very important to take these DMSO safety matters seriously, because while this substance can be very useful, it can also be extremely dangerous. One of the most unfortunate cases is the story of a technician who was working with the scientists that discovered DMSO. He used regular lab gloves when handling DMSO, and he almost died, because DMSO can cause severe damage to skin cells. You can see thus that DMSO is not something you can play with, so if you purchased this substance, make sure that you keep it in a safe, hidden place, and you take all the protection measures that you can when using it.

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