DMSO Most Popular Use

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Well, if you have never heard before about DMSO, it represents Dimethyl Sulfoxide. DMSO has been mostly used in the 1960s, but the controversy created around it has made DMSO not a very popular choice right after the incident. It has been said back then that DMSO has led to the death of a woman who has been using it with the purpose to treat a minor wrist injury. Of course, such an injury was never supposed to conduct to the person’s death and so DMSO was the one to blame for the incidents. However, the controversial aspects linked to DMSO were never limited to that incident. It has also been reported that DMSO has negative effects on the brain, at least this is what researchers found when performing different new discoveries on mice.

However, DMSO is not currently prohibit by FDA, although its use is controlled and limited. This actually is given by the fact that DMSO is known to have a series of positive effect when talking about treatments for inflammatory conditions and diseases. And actually DMSO is very much appreciated because it has great chances to bring a positive result at those patients who are can not find relief with other treatments. There currently are many DMSO products recommended in different conditions, used for different treatments and actually DMSO use can have many very positive results.

DMSO can be used with many purposes. Being used for anti-freeze, paint thinner and degreaser purposes are just part of what DMSO currently can do. DMSO cream is also very popular because it addresses directly to the issue and your skin will not be harmed or affected in any way when using it. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why DMSO is appreciated by people who suffer from different issues that suppose receiving treatments of this kind. On the other hand, DMSO can help and restore brain activity. DMSO is used when severe brain trauma is suffered by different patients and with the best results. Brain damage is another condition in which patients are treated with the use of DMSO. And although many treatments can turn out being ineffective from this point of view, DMSO has the best results.

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