DMSO Is Very Controversial

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DMSO comes from dimethyl sulfoxide. DMSO is a substance used since 1963. It was often believed that DMSO is toxic, but has important roles in medicine, though. DMSO works as an analgesic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. DMSO is very easy absorbed by the skin and body and makes no damages to it as other substances. Bursitis and arthritis, as well as herpes, are one of the health issues that can be solved with the help of DMSO. DMSO is still controversial, but we cannot deny its useful effect though.

To treat our health issues we can use DMSO gel or DMSO cream. DMSO gel is faster absorbed by our skin and gives us a colling effect. DMSO became even more controversial when a woman died and also when some studies proved that can damage the brain very badly. So, in some countries, DMSO is banned. One of its side effects can be itching or bleeding, so people should take care when they take DMSO. Their doctor should tell them by the potential dangers that DMSO implies. Our bodies are not the same, so we do not know how we will react. This is why we have to care care and to think twice if it is safe to use DMSO or not. It is very interesting that even though DMSO is controversial, it has good effects on brain activity or brain damage. This substance became very popular during the 60′s, but when strange things were discovered about it, it was legally controlled.

DMSO is extracted from some trees and it can also restore the damaged tissues as that of burnt people. It was also used to stop infection, so it has multiple uses, but this does not mean that is not dangerous at all. For some people has positive effects, while for others can be very dangerous. People should be more informed about the potential side-effects of many substances from pills, creams or gel they use for a lot of health problems. It is an important thing for our health, so we should ask the doctor if it is safe for us to take a certain pill.

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