DMSO Explained and Its Uses

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DMSO is the abbreviation used for Dimethyl Sulfoxide. It was first discovered in 1866, but it was not used in any sort of medication until 1963. Dimethyl Sulfoxide tends to have a high temperature vaporization element, as well as a high solidification point. It is more often recognized as a liquid. It is not used or approved for the use in many of the medications on the market today.

Some of the uses that it has is an Anti-Inflammatory, and as a Topical Analgesic. It is popular because it is well known for quickly absorbing through the skin. When it is used in medication, it tends to leave a oyster or garlic like taste in your mouth. Dimethyl Sulfoxide is used by athletes that may be suffering from an injury. It is also used by horse trainers to help alleviate any pain that the horse might have.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide has many different uses, but it is mainly used today as a thinner for paint, or a paint stripper. It is usually available in a liquid form. Most establishments will not offer to sell the consumer the product because of the illegal uses that it has.

There are side affects that are associated with the use of DMSO. They might include: Increased light sensitivity, upset stomach, visual disturbances, headaches, and of course fatality. If you use anything with DMSO in it, and have any of these symptoms or notice other symptoms that are not normal then seek attention from your doctor because symptoms may vary according to each individual.

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