DMSO Cream

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Would you like to uncover how DMSO cream is effective in healing several several diseases and easing pain? Just keep reading to learn the full story and history. First off, DMSO or dimethylsulfoxide has the power to cure and mend pockets of inflammation on the skin. It’s a simple all natural chemical created from wood pulp that is derived from wood pulp. Applying DMSO cream to the skin can create temporary and minor irritation. The United States Food and Drug Administration has not given approval for all of DMSO’s applications. Approval has been restricted to treating interstitial cystitis or bladder wall inflammation.

In Europe, the medical community have recommended that DMSO cream be used to heal arthritis and bursitis pain. With that in mind, it’s important to note that outside the United States, DMSO is widely used to help treat several ailments. These include: Muscular pain, joint disease or arthrosis, connective tissue damage, the inflammation of the bursa sac or bursitis, tissue necrosis that happens due to chemotherapy, and bladder wall inflammation or interstitial cystitis.

Online you’ll find that DMSO cream is being used to fight off the herpes virus. The reason is because DMSO contains oxygen. You may not know this but a virus is unable to survive in an environment where oxygen levels are elevated. When DMSO cream is applied properly, it can enter cell and almost instantly is able to kill and wipe out the active herpes virus. Even better, DMSO when applied properly you will be able to eliminate future outbreaks. Just to recap…DMSO has the interesting ability to get through to skin barriers and enters the body quickly. When shopping online all natural DMSO cream can be purchased with Aloe Vera and will last you nearly four months.

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