DMSO and Its Homeopathic Uses

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Like many of its predecessors, Dimethyl Sulfoxide is not widely used or approved for many medical applications. The Food and Drug Administration has approved its use for certain medical usages such as for interstitial cystitis. It is also used to assist in the freezing of embryonic stem cells. This by-product of trees has been found useful for a variety of purposes.

The DMSO has also been used as a topical analgesic and an anti inflammatory agent. In addition, DMSO has was widely been used as a solvent and paint thinner. Like many other products that have stemmed from natural items synthesized into chemical compounds, there may be many other uses for this compound.

You can begin to set products popping up that use certain percentages of Dimethyl Sulfoxide. The DMSO is a known pain reliever and has been used by horse trainers and even some athletes for years. DMSO has the unique quality of being absorbed rapidly into the skin. This combined with other known pain relievers can make an incredible cream that can potentially relieve pain on contact. Because the DMSO will also deliver medication quicker, it becomes the perfect pain- relieving product.

There are some side effects and as with any product or medication, one should always be aware of any contraindications. You should look into using DMSO to assist in relieving your aches and pains. There are some brands available online. There will surely be more available as more people proclaim its success.

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