DMSO Healing Properties

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DMSO, or the dimethyl sulfoxide, is a very powerful solvent. DMSO is well known to be able to penetrate the skin and to easily dissolve in the human body. Nowadays, DMSO is used for the treatment of urogenital disorders, this actually being the only use for which the substance has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


Still, DMSO is well known to possess other healing properties, too. Below you will find a list with the most important ones.

  • DMSO is known to be able to treat acute injuries. Still, the substance is nowadays used with this purpose only by vets.
  • Applying DMSO on an injury can increase circulation, causing the injured area to become warm.
  • DMSO allows natural healing of an injury, helping in quicker healing, as well.
  • DMSO can be applied on the skin with the main purpose to help fungicides, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to easier penetrate the skin and reach the internal sites of injury.


DMSO for Herpes Virus

The aforementioned uses of DMSO with healing purposes are only recommended for animals. However, the substance can also be used in the treatment of various human disorders. DMSO is a naturally occurring substance that can be used in the cure of herpes. The substance can be purchased without prescription. DMSO is known to be able to penetrate the protein coating around the herpes virus’s cell.

DMSO that reaches the skin and the inside of the herpes virus cell, is able to work to kill the virus. DMSO elevates the levels of oxygen within the cell and herpes virus is not able to live in such an environment. Herpes virus dies in an atmosphere with elevated levels of oxygen. DMSO has been used with the purpose to breach the barrier of a virus’s cell since 1963. Nowadays, it is considered to be an efficient medication by itself.


The DMSO based treatment for herpes virus lasts three days for outbreaks. The treatment consists of applying the substance on the affected area to prevent the outbreak from manifesting. For the next five months, this treatment should be repeated once or twice a month, for the outbreak to be prevented. DMSO has to be applied on the affected area.

Even though DMSO can be used for herpes healing, it should be used cautiously. Specialists recommend avoiding the use of this substance by pregnant women. It is also recommended for the substance to be tested on a small area of the skin before use. It would be better to consult a physician before using DMSO. This way you can be sure that there will be no risks. DMSO can be an extremely good substance in the healing of various health problems, it just has to be used carefully.

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