DMSO – Properties And Uses

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DMSO or Dimethyl sulfoxide is a by-product of the wood industry and also a commercial solvent. DMSO was used also as a pharmaceutical since 1961, when Dr. Jacob investigated its potential as a preservative. Soon, he discovered that this colourless liquid penetrated the skin very fast, but without damaging it.

This raised his curiosity and he started to study DMSO more intensely. He discovered that DMSO could be used as a pharmaceutical. Nonetheless, the FDA outlawed DMSO because it was a solvent and they didn’t know how it can be a medicine and also a substance that cleans engine parts. Additionally, studies showed that dogs injected with DMSO became blind. Later, it was discovered that this substance  causes blindness only in dogs. 


Dr. Jacob believed that the FDA tried to kill interest and enthusiasm related to this chemical. Even if during 20 years of human and laboratory studies no one died, the FDA refused several applications to conduct clinical studies. It approved a single one for interstitial cystitis, which was approved for prescriptive use in 1978.

DMSO Properties And Uses

DMSO has several properties:

1. Penetrates the skin. This is an ability that was studied by many scientists. Even low concentrations are enough to cross membranes.

2. Carries other drugs across membranes. This makes it ideal for transporting morphine, sulfate, steroids, cortisone, insulin and other substances. This makes DMSO a great delivery system that prevents infection when skin is penetrated.

3. Is a topical analgesic. This property was proved by laboratory studies that show how DMSO reduces and cuts pain by blocking peripheral nerve. It also treats burns, sprains and cuts. Due to this property, it was used by many athletes. Nonetheless, its effects vanish when administration ceases.


4. Reduces inflammation because it’s an antioxidant, stabilises membranes and is also a scavenger. DMSO treats all inflammatory conditions that aren’t caused by tumor or infection when patients don’t respond to conventional treatment. This substance is a great treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and it was the first non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substance discovered since aspirin.

5. Treats scleroderma, which is a disabling and rare, sometimes fatal disease caused by abnormal levels of collagen in the body. Studies showed that DMSO led to a wonderful improvement such as relief from stiffness, pain, an increase in strength and healing ischemic ulcers on fingertips.

6. Lowers intracranial pressure very fast and more effectively than other drugs. It also stabilized respiration, blood pressure, increased urine output by five times and blood flow. Doctors claim that is also a good product for stroke.


Other Applications For DMSO

  • DMSO has great properties related to cancer. In several studies it was discovered that protects noncancer cells, delays the spread of cancer and enhances the chemotherapeutic agents.
  • It seems that it can destroy the resistance developed by certain bacteria.
  • DMSO can also prevent paralysis by keeping away the blood from reaching muscle that usually leads to the death of muscle tissue.
  • Due to its antioxidant effects, DMSO can also be a wonderful anti-aging product, but further research is necessary.


It seems that DMSO is a great treatment for septicemia, toxic shock and radiation sickness, as well. We still don’t know if DMSO should be called a drug or a new therapeutic principle as long as there is still controversy over its clinical effectiveness. Nevertheless, a full investigation of its capabilities would be great because useful things could be discovered.

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