The Usage Of DMSO In Veterinary Medicine

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DMSO is a powerful type of substance, which is used in a variety of domains and for numerous purposes. The fact about the solvent that is most important comes from the controversy surrounding the fact that not all the products, which include it, have been FDA approved. Its usage in veterinary medicine is not submitted to this controversy, due to the fact that products including the solvent have been used for numerous years now, especially in the case of horses. There are various ways through which the substance proves to be useful in this case and there are many combinations in which it is one of the active elements.

The role of the substance in veterinary medicine for horses is connected to issues of the skin or with the injection of various types of substance. Therefore, it has a role in the infections of the skin, but also in the ones of the organs. The purpose of its usage in all these cases is connected to the fact that the substance has a conductive role. It acts as the conductive agent, depending on the way in which it is injected, at the surface of the skin or directed towards a certain area of the body. The substance can be used alone or in combination with other drugs, which are required by the treatment of the horse and which do not have a high conductive feature. Some of the most common treatments in the usage of the solvent are connected with diseases such as cerebral edema or increased intracranial pressure. As you can see, the importance of the substance makes it be used in very difficult health situations for horses.

In conclusion, although there are still some controversies and problems with the usage of DMSO in some domains and fields, in the case of veterinary medicine, the usage is a very suitable one. The most important thing in this case comes from the fact that, through its usage, there are numerous diseases and issues which can be cured. As a result, the affected horses will have a longer and a better life, all with the help of DMSO. Due to the fact that it is very useful in this situation, many have been  quick to judge that it can work the same with humans, but the anatomical conditions are different and therefore there are the issues of controversy.

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