DMSO Is Currently Used In Mexico

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DMSO is a substance also known as RIMSO. Its actual name is Dimethyl Sulfoxide and is an industrial solvent. The sulfuric compound has been recognized as highly beneficial in therapies since the 1960s, but its use is very controversial. Until present, there is not approval from the FDA for the usage of it. It is very helpful for the digestive system because it can be used to prevent the peptic ulcers, caused by Helicobacter pylori. This bacteria is killed by RIMSO. It can be used against bromidrosis or foot odor. As long as the substance comes in contact with the feet, it alleviates the odor. In the treatment of interstitial cystitis, the substance helps improve the condition for about 93% of the patients. It can be used to ease the allergies. Applied quickly on an injury, RIMSO reduces the bruising completely in no time. For those who suffer of osteoarthritis, a gel containing the substance alleviates pain and inflammation. Apparently, it can also reverse some abnormalities of those who suffer of Down syndrome. In fact, RIMSO is useful to penetrate any substance in which it is added.

In Hospital Santa Monica, known to patients also as Donsbach Clinic, after the name of Dr. Kurt Donsbach, the one that runs it, the substance is used. The administration of the clinic is in California, United States of America, but the hospital itself is located in Rosarita Beach, Mexico, making the use of the substance legal. The doctor that runs the clinic uses it to treat patients with cancer. All those who have this disease have received infusions with it and also with hydrogen peroxide. According to the doctor, the compound helped most ofl his patients.

To support his affirmations comes a study made in New York. In the Big Apple, DMSO was administered to patients with leukemia. The research was made at Mount Sinai Hospital. According to its results, the people who received this substance as part of the treatment were helped. After receiving injections, their leukemic cells started to function normally. Because DMSO is a solved, the FDA still outlaws it. This is a medicine and also a substance used to clean engines, so doctors do not know what to expect from it. Moreover, another study involving it, made on dogs, revealed that RIMSO caused them blindness, but this effect only appears on dogs.

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