DMSO – The History Of The Controverse

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DMSO is a substance named dimethylsulfoxide. Dr. Jacobs of the Oregon Health Sciences University was the one that needed a liquid in which to preserve the organs during a transplant. As he reached for a bottle of colorless substance, he discovered DMSO. In 1961, he was the first that discovered the huge potential of DMSO. This could penetrate the skin really quick and deep, without provoking damages. From that point, the life of Dr. Jacobs changed, as he dedicated it to learn more about the incredible substance called DMSO. The press heard the news and the pharmaceutical companies started selling DMSO. Moreover, the patients could use it and dose it alone, on their own like. This was a real problem for Dr. Jacobs, as he did not have time to test it, not had the FDA time enough for controlled and safe experimentation.

Even if the DMSO appears to have all the qualities that Dr. Jacobs claims that it has, in present, this substance is still not on the market. And why is that? After the DMSO was prohibited and the experiments finally began, a side effect of the substance was soon discovered. After the DMSO is gave to the patient through the skin, an annoying smell emanates from its mouth. It is very similar to that of garlic and even of the substance is used through the skin, the unpleasant smell still appears. To make sure the studies are true and the commercialization of the DMSO is not stopped from false reasons, they were done once again.

Neither the doctors, nor the patients knew who was receiving real DMSO and who was receiving placebo, but it only took a matter of minutes to discover who and what took. This smell creates a lot of problems and it is one of the main factors that prevent making the DMSO legal for all the doctors and patients that need it in treatments. Even if the DMSO is highly beneficial, companies do not want to put it on sale until this problem is solved, fearing that this will stop customers to buy it.

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