DMSO Healing Properties

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DMSO, or the dimethyl sulfoxide, is a very powerful solvent. DMSO is well known to be able to penetrate the skin and to easily dissolve in the human body. Nowadays, DMSO is used for the treatment of urogenital disorders, this actually being the only use for which the substance has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


Still, DMSO is well known to possess other healing properties, too. Below you will find a list with the most important ones.

  • DMSO is known to be able to treat acute injuries. Still, the substance is nowadays used with this purpose only by vets.
  • Applying DMSO on an injury can increase circulation, causing the injured area to become warm.
  • DMSO allows natural healing of an injury, helping in quicker healing, as well.
  • DMSO can be applied on the skin with the main purpose to help fungicides, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to easier penetrate the skin and reach the internal sites of injury.


DMSO for Herpes Virus

The aforementioned uses of DMSO with healing purposes are only recommended for animals. However, the substance can also be used in the treatment of various human disorders. DMSO is a naturally occurring substance that can be used in the cure of herpes. The substance can be purchased without prescription. DMSO is known to be able to penetrate the protein coating around the herpes virus’s cell.

DMSO that reaches the skin and the inside of the herpes virus cell, is able to work to kill the virus. DMSO elevates the levels of oxygen within the cell and herpes virus is not able to live in such an environment. Herpes virus dies in an atmosphere with elevated levels of oxygen. DMSO has been used with the purpose to breach the barrier of a virus’s cell since 1963. Nowadays, it is considered to be an efficient medication by itself.


The DMSO based treatment for herpes virus lasts three days for outbreaks. The treatment consists of applying the substance on the affected area to prevent the outbreak from manifesting. For the next five months, this treatment should be repeated once or twice a month, for the outbreak to be prevented. DMSO has to be applied on the affected area.

Even though DMSO can be used for herpes healing, it should be used cautiously. Specialists recommend avoiding the use of this substance by pregnant women. It is also recommended for the substance to be tested on a small area of the skin before use. It would be better to consult a physician before using DMSO. This way you can be sure that there will be no risks. DMSO can be an extremely good substance in the healing of various health problems, it just has to be used carefully.

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DMSO – Properties And Uses

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DMSO or Dimethyl sulfoxide is a by-product of the wood industry and also a commercial solvent. DMSO was used also as a pharmaceutical since 1961, when Dr. Jacob investigated its potential as a preservative. Soon, he discovered that this colourless liquid penetrated the skin very fast, but without damaging it.

This raised his curiosity and he started to study DMSO more intensely. He discovered that DMSO could be used as a pharmaceutical. Nonetheless, the FDA outlawed DMSO because it was a solvent and they didn’t know how it can be a medicine and also a substance that cleans engine parts. Additionally, studies showed that dogs injected with DMSO became blind. Later, it was discovered that this substance  causes blindness only in dogs. 


Dr. Jacob believed that the FDA tried to kill interest and enthusiasm related to this chemical. Even if during 20 years of human and laboratory studies no one died, the FDA refused several applications to conduct clinical studies. It approved a single one for interstitial cystitis, which was approved for prescriptive use in 1978.

DMSO Properties And Uses

DMSO has several properties:

1. Penetrates the skin. This is an ability that was studied by many scientists. Even low concentrations are enough to cross membranes.

2. Carries other drugs across membranes. This makes it ideal for transporting morphine, sulfate, steroids, cortisone, insulin and other substances. This makes DMSO a great delivery system that prevents infection when skin is penetrated.

3. Is a topical analgesic. This property was proved by laboratory studies that show how DMSO reduces and cuts pain by blocking peripheral nerve. It also treats burns, sprains and cuts. Due to this property, it was used by many athletes. Nonetheless, its effects vanish when administration ceases.


4. Reduces inflammation because it’s an antioxidant, stabilises membranes and is also a scavenger. DMSO treats all inflammatory conditions that aren’t caused by tumor or infection when patients don’t respond to conventional treatment. This substance is a great treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and it was the first non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substance discovered since aspirin.

5. Treats scleroderma, which is a disabling and rare, sometimes fatal disease caused by abnormal levels of collagen in the body. Studies showed that DMSO led to a wonderful improvement such as relief from stiffness, pain, an increase in strength and healing ischemic ulcers on fingertips.

6. Lowers intracranial pressure very fast and more effectively than other drugs. It also stabilized respiration, blood pressure, increased urine output by five times and blood flow. Doctors claim that is also a good product for stroke.


Other Applications For DMSO

  • DMSO has great properties related to cancer. In several studies it was discovered that protects noncancer cells, delays the spread of cancer and enhances the chemotherapeutic agents.
  • It seems that it can destroy the resistance developed by certain bacteria.
  • DMSO can also prevent paralysis by keeping away the blood from reaching muscle that usually leads to the death of muscle tissue.
  • Due to its antioxidant effects, DMSO can also be a wonderful anti-aging product, but further research is necessary.


It seems that DMSO is a great treatment for septicemia, toxic shock and radiation sickness, as well. We still don’t know if DMSO should be called a drug or a new therapeutic principle as long as there is still controversy over its clinical effectiveness. Nevertheless, a full investigation of its capabilities would be great because useful things could be discovered.

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DMSO – A Cure For Cancer

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DMSO or dimethyl sulfoxide is an industrial solvent that is a by-product of making paper. Even though it’s a controversial product, in the 1960s it was used as an alternative cancer treatment.

There is not exact scientific evidence today that DMSO is effective in curing cancer in humans. Nonetheless, it was proved that it increased the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs.


Today, DMSO is approved by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) only for the treatment of interstitial cystitis. Those who support DMSO claim that it can cause cancerous cells become benign, but it can also stop the progress of cancer in the bladder, colon, skin, ovary and breast.

There are other specialists saying that this product can also be used in treating leukemia and even as a method of preventing cancer. DMSO does that by “cleaning” the cell membranes and so, it manages to decrease the effect of cancer-causing substance.


Researchers claim that DMSO:

  • makes chemotherapy drugs more effective
  • reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments in people with cancer
  • eliminates free radicals caused by such treatments
  • boosts the immune system
  • controls the “withdrawal symptoms” in cancer patients
  • can be used as a cream that when applied to the skin, it reduces pain, decreases swelling and also treats autoimmune diseases

The story of DMSO

DMSO was discovered in the mid-to late 19th century and at that time it was used as an industrial solvent for over hundred years. Later, in the 1950s, scientists discovered that this substance was able to protect cells from the damage of freezing. In the 1960, one of the most important proponents of DMSO, Dr. Stanley Jacob studied other properties. Unfortunately, clinical trials were interdicted due to debates about the safety of this solvent. Nevertheless, in the 1970, DMSO was approved for being used as an anti-inflammatory treatment in horses and dogs.

The most common side-effects:

  • itching on contact with the skin
  • burning on contact with the skin
  • headaches
  • allergies
  • causing garlic-like taste and odour on the breath and skin


This solvent is also believed to increase the effects of heart medicines, steroids, blood thinners, as well as sedatives and many other drugs. Pregnant women should avoid taking it. DMSO is still controversial and relying only on it, without consulting a doctor, may have serious consequences on your health.

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The Usage Of DMSO In Veterinary Medicine

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DMSO is a powerful type of substance, which is used in a variety of domains and for numerous purposes. The fact about the solvent that is most important comes from the controversy surrounding the fact that not all the products, which include it, have been FDA approved. Its usage in veterinary medicine is not submitted to this controversy, due to the fact that products including the solvent have been used for numerous years now, especially in the case of horses. There are various ways through which the substance proves to be useful in this case and there are many combinations in which it is one of the active elements.

The role of the substance in veterinary medicine for horses is connected to issues of the skin or with the injection of various types of substance. Therefore, it has a role in the infections of the skin, but also in the ones of the organs. The purpose of its usage in all these cases is connected to the fact that the substance has a conductive role. It acts as the conductive agent, depending on the way in which it is injected, at the surface of the skin or directed towards a certain area of the body. The substance can be used alone or in combination with other drugs, which are required by the treatment of the horse and which do not have a high conductive feature. Some of the most common treatments in the usage of the solvent are connected with diseases such as cerebral edema or increased intracranial pressure. As you can see, the importance of the substance makes it be used in very difficult health situations for horses.

In conclusion, although there are still some controversies and problems with the usage of DMSO in some domains and fields, in the case of veterinary medicine, the usage is a very suitable one. The most important thing in this case comes from the fact that, through its usage, there are numerous diseases and issues which can be cured. As a result, the affected horses will have a longer and a better life, all with the help of DMSO. Due to the fact that it is very useful in this situation, many have been  quick to judge that it can work the same with humans, but the anatomical conditions are different and therefore there are the issues of controversy.

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DMSO Is Currently Used In Mexico

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DMSO is a substance also known as RIMSO. Its actual name is Dimethyl Sulfoxide and is an industrial solvent. The sulfuric compound has been recognized as highly beneficial in therapies since the 1960s, but its use is very controversial. Until present, there is not approval from the FDA for the usage of it. It is very helpful for the digestive system because it can be used to prevent the peptic ulcers, caused by Helicobacter pylori. This bacteria is killed by RIMSO. It can be used against bromidrosis or foot odor. As long as the substance comes in contact with the feet, it alleviates the odor. In the treatment of interstitial cystitis, the substance helps improve the condition for about 93% of the patients. It can be used to ease the allergies. Applied quickly on an injury, RIMSO reduces the bruising completely in no time. For those who suffer of osteoarthritis, a gel containing the substance alleviates pain and inflammation. Apparently, it can also reverse some abnormalities of those who suffer of Down syndrome. In fact, RIMSO is useful to penetrate any substance in which it is added.

In Hospital Santa Monica, known to patients also as Donsbach Clinic, after the name of Dr. Kurt Donsbach, the one that runs it, the substance is used. The administration of the clinic is in California, United States of America, but the hospital itself is located in Rosarita Beach, Mexico, making the use of the substance legal. The doctor that runs the clinic uses it to treat patients with cancer. All those who have this disease have received infusions with it and also with hydrogen peroxide. According to the doctor, the compound helped most ofl his patients.

To support his affirmations comes a study made in New York. In the Big Apple, DMSO was administered to patients with leukemia. The research was made at Mount Sinai Hospital. According to its results, the people who received this substance as part of the treatment were helped. After receiving injections, their leukemic cells started to function normally. Because DMSO is a solved, the FDA still outlaws it. This is a medicine and also a substance used to clean engines, so doctors do not know what to expect from it. Moreover, another study involving it, made on dogs, revealed that RIMSO caused them blindness, but this effect only appears on dogs.

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DMSO – The History Of The Controverse

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DMSO is a substance named dimethylsulfoxide. Dr. Jacobs of the Oregon Health Sciences University was the one that needed a liquid in which to preserve the organs during a transplant. As he reached for a bottle of colorless substance, he discovered DMSO. In 1961, he was the first that discovered the huge potential of DMSO. This could penetrate the skin really quick and deep, without provoking damages. From that point, the life of Dr. Jacobs changed, as he dedicated it to learn more about the incredible substance called DMSO. The press heard the news and the pharmaceutical companies started selling DMSO. Moreover, the patients could use it and dose it alone, on their own like. This was a real problem for Dr. Jacobs, as he did not have time to test it, not had the FDA time enough for controlled and safe experimentation.

Even if the DMSO appears to have all the qualities that Dr. Jacobs claims that it has, in present, this substance is still not on the market. And why is that? After the DMSO was prohibited and the experiments finally began, a side effect of the substance was soon discovered. After the DMSO is gave to the patient through the skin, an annoying smell emanates from its mouth. It is very similar to that of garlic and even of the substance is used through the skin, the unpleasant smell still appears. To make sure the studies are true and the commercialization of the DMSO is not stopped from false reasons, they were done once again.

Neither the doctors, nor the patients knew who was receiving real DMSO and who was receiving placebo, but it only took a matter of minutes to discover who and what took. This smell creates a lot of problems and it is one of the main factors that prevent making the DMSO legal for all the doctors and patients that need it in treatments. Even if the DMSO is highly beneficial, companies do not want to put it on sale until this problem is solved, fearing that this will stop customers to buy it.

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DMSO and Interstitial Cystitis

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Interstitial cystitis, also known as bladder pain syndrome, is a chronic disease of the urinary bladder. Despite researchers having thought that this disease only affected menopausal women, they have now reached the conclusion that men and women of all ages can develop interstitial cystitis. However, its cause remains uncertain, as doctors did not manage to figure out yet what triggers this disease. Its symptoms are very painful, so interstitial cystitis can seriously affect the quality of life. The symptoms of interstitial cystitis include pain associated with the bladder, pain associated with urination, urinary frequency and urgency, and pressure in the bladder and/or pelvis.

Harvard researchers have compared interstitial cystitis to other diseases such as chronic kidney failure or cancer, which is why it is officially recognized as a disability. The good news is that the pain can be relieved, as there are several treatment approaches which can be used in this respect. DMSO is definitely one of the best ways to treat interstitial cystitis. DMSO stands for dimethyl sulfoxide and it is an organosulfur compound. The history of DMSO goes back to the 1960s, when Dr. Stanlet Jacob began to study the medicinal properties of this substance. Although the history of DMSO is very controversial, this substance is now the only medical approved drug for the treatment of interstitial cystitis. While this bladder instillation is the only one approved, it is unfortunately not that used in urology clinics.

Regarding interstitial cystitis, a 50% solution of DMSO is instilled into the bladder by means of a catheter. It is left there for about 15 minutes and then it puts the patient at ease. Since a 50% solution of DMSO is at risk of creating irreversible muscle contraction, a 25% solution is more recommended. Nevertheless, the long term use of DMSO is still controversial, given the fact that no one fully understands yet the method of action of this substance. Besides treating interstitial cystitis, DMSO has other medicine applications, too. Many people believe that DMSO is a great alternative treatment for cancer. However, this thesis has not been scientifically proved, either.

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DMSO Applications

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DMSO is the short name for Dimethyl sulfoxide, an organosulfur compound bearing the chemical formula (CH3)2SO. DMSO is a polar aprotic solvent that dissolves polar and nonpolar compounds. DMSO can be mixed with a large array of organic solvents, including water. DMSO is colorless and has the property of penetrating the skin easily. The substance was first synthesized by Alexander Zaytzev in 1866, but he only made a report about what he found out a year later. DMSO is produced on a large scale by the oxidation of dimethyl sulfide with nitrogen dioxide or oxygen. The substance has several applications – as a solvent, for reactions, in biology, medicine and veterinary medicine.

DMSO is used as a solvent because it is less toxic than other of its class. It is frequently used in Finkelstein reactions and in nucleophilic substitutions which involve salt. It has a high boiling point – at 372.2 degrees Fahrenheit and also a high freezing point, at 65.3 degrees Fahrenheit, which make it a great solvent. It dissolves a large range of analyzes and is perfect for many NMR spectroscopic studies. DMSO is also very used in the production of microelectronic devices.  The reactions of DMSO are useful for the deprotonation of ketones. Following this reaction, sodium enolates are formed. Through a similar process, DMSO helps phosphonium salts to form Wittig reagents and formamidium salts, diaminocarbenes.

In biology, DMSO is used in PCR and it is added to the mix before the reaction, to minimize the interfering reactions. DMSO is also a cryoprotectant and prevents cell death in the freezing process. Thanks to DMSO, cells can be stored safely in liquid nitrogen. DMSO is used in medicine since the 1960s, when a research team in Oregon discovered that the substance can penetrate the skins without producing damage, carrying other substances into the system. It is also used as an analgesic and as an antioxidant. Even so, the most common used of DMSO in medicine is as a drug delivery system. In veterinary medicine, this substance is used alone or combined with other to carry other substances through the skin. It is mostly used on horses.

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What Is DMSO

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DMSO has been the subject of a lot of controversies during the last years, but, unfortunately, a lot of people talking about it do not really know what DMSO is. DMSO is acronym meaning dimethylsulfoxide. This substance is a chemical that can cause a minor irritation of the skin. DMSO is made from wood pulp. It can penetrate the skin and studies have showed that it can also ease the healing of inflammation. DMSO can be used in many treatments, but until now, it cannot be used in most of them. Not many DMSO applications have approval and many pharmaceutical companies still wait to reach an agreement with U.S. Food and Drug Administration to gain it. In present, monumental research is done in support of DMSO, but because of its prohibition in America, many American citizens cross the borders to benefit of treatments including this substance.

Medical communities are fighting to obtain the approval to use DMSO at least in treating cystitis – the inflammation of the bladder wall, arthritis and bursitis. Although the veterinary use is approved for DMSO for decades, the human use is not. DMSO is used by veterinaries to cure dermatological disorders and tissue damage. Also in immunological therapies of animals, DMSO is successfully used in the United States. FDA has serious reasons not to grant the approvals of DMSO yet on humans, as the medical community still has to answer a few important questions regarding the use of this substances in treatments and cures.

In some countries, DMSO is already used. For the treatment of arthrosis, bursitis, muscular pain, interstitial cystitis, tissue necrosis and tissue damage, DMSO is an important substance. Not just for these problems is used, but DMSO also works as a vehicle to deliver in one’s blood other drugs to help other areas of the body of the patient. Although it is not an official news, it seems that athletes that suffer from bruises, pain and swelling use DMSO successfully. To prove the efficiency of this substance, decades of research have been made. Even so, FDA still refuses to give its approval for the medical use on humans.

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The DMSO Substance And Drugs

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The DMSO substance is a very powerful compound, that appears in numerous drugs and pharmaceuticals. Although in recent years DMSO has been the subject of many controversies, the substance’s alleged benefits make it be widely used in many fields. There are many products on the market nowadays that rely on the DMSO effects. They are usually drugs that treat inflammations and pain, as well as anti-aging creams. DMSO has several characteristics that have effects on the reduction of swellings and the relief of pain symptoms. In addition to this, the substance softens collagen, thus being a great addition to wrinkle cremes. In the past few years, the DMSO substance has been tested in connection to the treatment of cancer, which has lead to the surfacing of several issues and side-effects created by this compound.

The most frequent uses of drugs based on DMSO are related to inflammations. The effects produced by this substance lead to the decompression of the harmed tissue and to a rapid recovery of it. In addition to this, the substance may also be found in antioxidant compounds. The benefits of using such substances or drugs are related to an easy recovery process. The substance’s active components are assimilated by the organism and cause immediate reactions from the traumatized area. You will be happy to know that, through the usage of DMSO drugs, you will be able to recover fast from all inflammation and pain related health occurrences. 

The DMSO is a very powerful compound and there are numerous advertisements on how to properly use drugs based on it, in order to keep away from unwanted side-effects. The medical field uses this substance in many variants, but the DMSO can also be used for other reasons as well. You should not be surprised if you find that there are several drugs in veterinarian medicine that contain DMSO. Moreover, the Dimethyl Sulfoxide is actually a solvent, used in salt based chemical reactions. Due to its highly diversified uses, this product should be considered very carefully before any action.



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